We’ve decided to suspend all food sales. We’re coming back stronger than ever once this is over.


The Bar

The visual focal point of our space is a 19-seat round bar with a granite top and pale rose colored stools. We like to have drinks for every mood. Our cocktail menu features three styles of beverages-spritz’d, mixed and stirred highlighting tropical flavors with botanical accents. Many of them can also be made booze-free. Although we focus on cocktails, we keep fancy wine in stock, rotating drafts and some ice cold Schlitz.

The Food

Founded in nostalgia and guided by gratitude, Chef’s Special Cocktail Bar strives to be fun and delicious with a zero judgement atmosphere. We hope to take the memories we’ve built over the years enjoying American-Chinese food with family and friends and extend that to our guests. We love this food. We love to eat it. We love to cook it. We are inspired by the history Chinese food has had for centuries on this planet as well as the place it has carved out as an American staple.

The People

Jason Vincent, Ben Lustbader and Josh Perlman opened CSCB’s sister restaurant Giant in 2016 in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Through that success and teamwork they have come together to open their second endeavor Chef’s Special Cocktail Bar along with three new partners: Aaron Kabot, Tom Scodari and Chase Bracamontes, all of whom worked together at Giant years prior.  The group hopes that whatever success they build will continue to give a platform to other talented members of their team in the future.

The Space

There is a large round bar in the center with a variety of nooks for lounging, dining or partying. There is also a semi-private dining room for large parties up to 20 guests. Inquire here.

The space was designed by Erin Boone at Boone Interiors. The design melds old and new to create a space accrued in time. Nostalgia is expressed in the design details, articulating a transformative space honoring both Chicago tavern history and homestyle American Chinese cooking.