$1 of each Mini Skirt cocktail donated to Kitchen Possible the month of September



  • smashed cucumbers

    $25 HALF TRAY, $50 FULL TRAY

    persian cucumbers, sichuan peppercorn, pickled fresnos, toasted sesame, rice wine vinegar and fresh herbs

  • egg roll with pork & shrimp

    $48 DOZEN, $24 HALF DOZEN

    crunchy wrapper stuffed with pork, shrimp, glass noodles, cabbage and carrots (G, SH)

  • vegetable spring roll

    $48 DOZEN, $24 HALF DOZEN

    thin crispy wrapper, filled with mushrooms, carrots, scallion and tofu (G)

  • crab rangoon

    $24 DOZEN, $12 HALF DOZEN

    fried wonton wrapper stuffed with cream cheese and crab (G, FF, SH)

  • wontons in chili oil

    $24 DOZEN, $12 HALF DOZEN

    thin noodle-like wrapper filled with ground pork, ginger, garlic chives, Thai chili and black vinegar (G)

  • potstickers

    $32 DOZEN, $16 HALF DOZEN

    thicker dough stuffed with pork and cabbage, served with a tamari- fresno dipping sauce. (G)

  • glazed brussel sprouts

    $57 HALF TRAY, $114 FULL TRAY

    caramelized in maple & ginger with pickled asian pear & toasted sesame (*F*)

  • dry-fried green beans

    $57 HALF TRAY, $114 FULL TRAY

    wok-fried green beans. sweet and spicy glaze. crispy garlic (G)

  • eggplant with spicy lamb sausage

    $61 HALF TRAY, $122 FULL TRAY

    wok tossed eggplant in dark soy & black vinegar with spicy lamb sausage & thai basil *G*



  • sweet & sour

    $61-75 HALF TRAY, $122-150 FULL TRAY

    crispy (tofu, chicken or shrimp) in Chef's Special sweet n' sour sauce with onion and bell pepper

  • kung pao

    $61-79 HALF TRAY, $122-158 FULL TRAY

    tender (tofu, chicken, shrimp or beef) wok tossed with roasted peanuts, dried chilies, Sichuan peppercorn and bell peppers (*G*, *PN*)

  • twice cooked pork

    $75 HALF TRAY, $150 FULL TRAY

    braised and roasted pork belly with pickled bok choy, napa cabbage and fresno chilies in a sweet and spicy sauce (G)

  • mongolian beef

    $79 HALF TRAY, $158 FULL TRAY

    tender beef with hoisin, dark soy and chili vinegar. Served with crispy cellophane noodles (*G*, *SH*)

  • beef and broccoli

    $79 HALF TRAY, $158 FULL TRAY

    tender sliced beef glazed in a sweet, dark soy sauce with spring onion and broccoli (*G*, *SH*)

  • dry chili chicken

    $75 HALF TRAY, $150 FULL TRAY

    crispy chicken wok tossed with ginger, garlic, scallion and lots of Thai chilies and Sichuan peppercorns

  • cashew chicken

    $75 HALF TRAY, $150 FULL TRAY

    tender chicken, wok-tossed with roasted cashews, scallion, daikon and a garlic-oyster sauce (*G*, *SH*, *TN*)

  • orange chicken

    $70 HALF TRAY, $140 FULL TRAY

    crispy chicken in orange sauce with onion and broccoli

  • walnut shrimp

    $75 HALF TRAY, $150 FULL TRAY

    battered and fried whole shrimp with a honey- walnut dressing, radicchio, pickled fresno chilies and candied walnuts (TN, D)

  • mapo tofu with ground pork

    $70 HALF TRAY, $140 FULL TRAY

    soft tofu with ground pork, doubanjiang and Sichuan peppercorn, served with rice (G)

  • dan dan noodles w/ ground pork

    $70 HALF TRAY, $140 FULL TRAY

    thick egg noodles, ground pork, sesame paste, peanuts and Sichuan peppercorn (G, *PN*)

  • lo mein

    $52-70 HALF TRAY, $104-140 FULL TRAY

    thick egg noodles with wok tossed with mixed vegetables, garlic broth and your protein of choice protein (G)

  • fried rice

    $52-66 HALF TRAY, $104-132 FULL TRAY

    stir fried rice, egg, peas, carrots, sesame oil - available as veggie, tofu or combo


  • almond cookies

    $16 DOZEN, $8 HALF DOZEN

    3pc, soft and crunchy (G, TN, D)

  • ube custard

    $43 HALF TRAY, $86 FULL TRAY

    purple yam, toasted marshmallow, fortune cookie pieces (D, *G*)


Half Trays feed 12-15
Full Trays feed 24-30

Note: these portions suit a meal of 2-3 appetizers or vegetables and 2-3 mains.

An allergy key can be found on the regular online menu to help you navigate gluten free, vegan options, etc.

Please reach out for all inquiries and questions to catering@chefsspecialbar.com