Group Dining

Dining with a group?

for parties of 7+

Rose Menu- $30/pp OR Rose Gold Menu- $45/pp

The Rose & Rose Gold Menus are customizable group dining menus for 7+ guests. The Rose Menu is a more focused menu with smaller portions per person. It is perfect for just the right amount of food with little few to no leftovers or if you want to add on a la carte items night of. The Rose Gold Menu offers more variety and generous portions. It is a true feast.

Menu selection and a deposit are needed to finalize any booking. The addition of a la carte items to these menus are welcome night of.
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c: chicken
v: vegetable
t: tofu
b: beef
s: shrimp
combo: pork & shrimp

Appetizers & Vegetables

Rose: pick two
Rose Gold: pick three
  • egg roll w/pork & shrimp
  • vegetable spring roll
  • crab rangoon
  • smashed cucumbers
  • dry fried green beans
  • sesame gai lan

Rice & Noodles

Rose: pick one
Rose Gold: pick two
  • lo mein noodles (c/v/t)
  • lo mein noodles (b/s)
  • fried rice (v/t)
  • fried rice (combo)
  • potstickers
  • wontons in chili oil
  • dan dan noodles with ground pork & peanuts


Rose: pick two
Rose Gold: pick four
  • sweet and sour (c/t)
  • sweet and sour (s)
  • kung pao (c/t)
  • kung pao (b/s)
  • cashew chicken
  • dry chili chicken
  • orange chicken
  • mongolian beef
  • beef and broccoli
  • twice cooked pork
  • walnut shrimp
  • mapo tofu with ground pork


Rose: pick one
Rose Gold: pick two
  • almond cookies
  • ube custard with marshmallow fluff & fortune cookie crumble
  • cloud cake w/ roasted peaches, burnt honey cream, candied walnuts